tag8 passport security eTag

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1. One scan return convenience for Finder:

Finder connects with the Owner through multiple channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Call, or Email, offering them various options to reach out to you.

 2. 90% recovery rate! If we don‘t find it, we reimburse:

tag8's has a track record of 90% return rates for lost passports. In case, you do not find your passport back, we reimburse the cost of doing the new passport (up to INR 10,000)

3. Dynamic Contact Details Update: 

tag8's Passport tag allow you to dynamically update your contact details online, even after your passport is lost.

4. Real-Time Location Alert on Scan:

Receive email alerts with the location whenever your passport is scanned, ensuring you know about its whereabout.

5. Request Call Back Option: 

Give finders the convenience of requesting a call back if they need to communicate with you directly.

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